Straight from the source: Gary Vee in the new OMR Podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his brand and his Facebook shares in the new OMR podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO of a $100-million digital media agency, angel investor, author of bestsellers and entrepreneur. Despite all that, most people know Gary Vaynerchuk as a social media personality with 1.4 million Facebook fans. In the new OMR podcast, he took the time to tell us how he built up his personal brand, how much time he invests daily in social media and what his primary goal in life is.
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How a simple strategy made this entrepreneur 7 figures in a year

Svejna Teichmann cashed in using clever Amazon-SEO on Germany’s biggest retail platform

Svenja Teichmann
Founder and CEO of Disset Mode, Svenja Teichmann (Image: Stefan Groenveld)

Successful businesses in today’s digital marketplace are well versed in SEO. Be it on Google, on Youtube or on Amazon, there is no way around search engine optimization. In Germany, one savvy entrepreneur has taken to SEO game to Germany’s largest online retailer OTTO. Svenja Teichmann and her company Disset Mode figured out how to optimally place name-brand products on the platform—and turn seven figures.
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Become a B2B influencer in 30 days—how to generate 1.5 million views in a month

Charles Chu’s got the answers—and used them on Quora to nab 30K newsletter subscribers

Charles Chu Quora

Charles Chu chewing on a pen

If you have a question, Quora has the answer. At its essence, Quora is Q&A platform where users ask, answer, edit and organize user questions—while promoting their own projects or companies in the process. In the past four weeks, one industrious marketing expert put his knowledge to good use to generate 1.5 million views and over 30K subscribers to his newsletter. Posting such prolific figures begs the question: Can I profit from the same growth hacks? The answer is… The answer is yes.
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Casey Neistat in Hamburg at OMR Festival 2017!

Internet sensation appearing at Online Marketing Festival 2017 not once, but twice

Casey Neistat OMR17

Casey Neistat will be speaking at Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2017—with $25 million more in his pocket

He’s one of the biggest YouTube stars worldwide, and now one of the richest. Just last week, Casey Neistat announced the sale of his app Beme to CNN for a cool $25 mil. On stage at OMR Festival 2017, Casey will share with us where the journey goes from here. Read on to find out why he won’t just be taking one stage, but two.
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Put this in your pipe and smoke it—Snoop’s swag propels Canadian start-up to 3000% growth

Within a month, Madlipz exploded stateside and in Germany—going from the dustbin to the top ten.

Snoop Dogg Madlipz
Landing a hit app as a start-up is as much about being lucky as it is about the product you create. App stores are packed with countless apps vying for user’s fleeting attention, with only a fraction ever actually downloaded or used. Three Canadian app developers recently defied the odds when their year-old app stormed the top ten in the States and in Germany—thanks to Snoop, Chris Brown and a German gangsta-rapper named Kollegah. Online Marketing Rockstars took a closer look and got the 411.
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Don’t miss these master marketers and more—this March in Hamburg, Germany

Vaynerchuk, Dickinson and Bosworth: Live on stage at OMR Festival 2017

Rockstars Festival 2017
OMR Festival 2017 is just around the corner! This year’s festival lineup builds on the success of last year’s festival that saw over 16K in attendance. We are thrilled to announce the following three industry heavy hitters set to take the stage in Hamburg this March: Master marketer and business builder Gary Vaynerchuk, VP Engineering, Ads and Pages at Facebook Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson.
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Kneel before the German Instagram Queen

Fitness Instagrammer Pamela Reif has 2.5 million followers—a level of popularity reached otherwise only by pro athletes

Instagrammerin Pamela Reif auf einem Hausdach.

Pamela Reif is one of the most popular German Instagrammers. (Image: Pulse Advertising)

With hardly anyone taking notice, 19-year-old head-turner Pamela Reif from Karlsruhe, Germany has established herself as one of the most influential Instagrammers in the country. Her 2.5 million followers put her ahead of such high-profile celebs as top model Stefanie Giesinger or soccer star Thomas Müller. We spoke with Reif and shed light on her success.
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